Thursday, February 25, 2010


A vibrant purple african violet, Loretta, is sitting on my
Nantucket tiled table being beautiful and taking in her new surroundings.

A very warm and handsome handmade scarf patterned gold and burgundy, is wrapped neatly around my neck keeping it cozy.

A vaquero, cuddly and also very handsome, is likely on his way over to make me laugh and waste time watching Spinal Tap, of which my watching is long overdue.

A veeblefetzer is a fantastic word that I found while looking up other words that start with V, the V words were of course for the purpose of describing positive things.

A violent urge to send my car careening over a cliff, whether or not I would be in it had yet to be decided, has since subsided as I played my heart out on the acoustic guitar.

A vivid picture of the story I'd like to write just became apparent and I shall devote the rest of my evening to painting its picture with words.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rhyme and Reason

I just realized that Inner Doodles rhymes with Snicker Doodles. I suppose it's not a true rhyme, since it's the same word, but it makes me wish I had some eggs to bake with regardless.

Well, the play is over and now I find myself focused on writing and painting. Here's my latest.

Gouache on canvas paper. December 2009.